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What is voytimo?

Voytimo is a professional auction system for building your own online marketplace. Voytimo offers online product auctions with tons of useful features to enhance the auction process. Voytimo is an extremely flexible auction platform that also provides integration with other systems depending on your wants and needs for your marketplace.


Feature List

Responsive design

using bootstrap technology which optimizes the site for multiple devices

Admin Control Panel where admins have the ability to customize the marketplace

You can customize your marketplace from ACP, where you have many controls and settings that allow you to turn on or off, opposed to editing code

Customizable registration form

Fully customizable registration form. You can specify custom fields and attributes. This gives you full control on how this form will appear for your users

Customizable category questions

Fully customizable fields for categories, which gives you options to customize your marketplace to your industry, and then use these fields as filters for searching

Buy Now auction feature

Your auction may have a set “Buy Now” feature


Your auction may use bidding with two algorithms

Reserve price

You have the ability to specify reserve price which, will allow you to sell your items for a minimal price that you define

Extended searching engine

System is using Full-Text Search which is extremely fast, and search results are much more relevant

Email management

Admin has full control over all email content


Software handles shipping and fees. User can define prices for shipments

Subscription management

You can define separate subscription plans for your users with different permissions in the system for each, depending on how many types of subscriptions you decide to offer your users. They can be free or paid plans

Attachment management

We are using user friendly attachment extensions, which allows users to upload their images directly to their auctions in an extremely simple method

Simple/Proxy bidding

You can use specific bidding algorithms for specific categories. Simply set the highest amount you’re willing to bid, then the system will bid in increments for you until your set amount is reached. Proxy bidding allows you to define your highest bid

Language management

You have full support for your language translation of choice. You can specify as many languages as you prefer

Secured system

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Fee management

We help you to profit from your marketplace by defining fees for enhancements, insertion of the auctions, final value fees, and subscription plans

Multiple payment gateway support

We provide multiple payment gateways compatible with most major payment processors

SEO friendly

System is optimized for search engines

Ready for all markets

System is extremely flexible and can be adopted to all sorts of markets



System is based on the Symfony2 framework.

Below is a list of requirements for the server

  • PHP > 5.4.10
  • MySQL >= 5.6.4
  • JSON needs to be enabled
  • ctype needs to be enabled
  • Your php.ini needs to have the date.timezone setting
  • You need to have the PHP-XML module installed
  • You need to have at least version 2.6.21 of libxml
  • PHP tokenizer needs to be enabled
  • mbstring functions need to be enabled
  • iconv needs to be enabled
  • POSIX needs to be enabled (only on *nix)
  • Intl needs to be installed with ICU 4+
  • APC 3.0.17+ (or another opcode cache needs to be installed)
  • php.ini recommended settings
    • short_open_tag = Off
    • magic_quotes_gpc = Off
    • register_globals = Off
    • session.auto_start = Off
  • PDO installed



Please use our contact form to learn more about pricing.



Programming and consulting services offered at a very low rate. We recommend custom installation because no one knows our system better than we do. Because of our unmatched knowledge of the system, we are able to deliver your requirements in the shortest time period, and with the best quality available. Below is the list of services available:


Technical audit/support, benchmarks, technical architecture, system setup

Application development

Customize marketplace, custom module development, development of new features

Application deployment

We will optimize deployment process and we simplify it so that your service was available as long as possible for customers.


We will train you and your customers so they can be ready as soon as possible to support your marketplace professionally.


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